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Guest reservation enquiries by phone, fax or email will be answered by Stipphotels in the form of a standard proforma indicating the total costs to be incured during proforma indicating the total costs to be incured during their intended stay. The recption desk will then make a provisional booking. Reservations are subject to availability. To confirm a reservation, Stipphotels requires a 100% payement for the full price of the rate of the room as well as lenght of period of stay at stipphotels accepts order numbers (e.g. a bon de commande) for large or group bookings

A full refund will only be given if the guest cancels the booking 7 days before they are due to arrive at the hotel. If an operator books for 30 people but only 25 arrive, the operator or company si still liable for the full payement of the duration of the no shows.

Booking confirmation payements for group bookings, tourists and operators must be transferred into the stipphotels bank account. Cash payements include euros, dollars an Rwandan franks. Stipphotels only gives change in Rwandan franks and not dollars or euros.

Cheque payements must be authorized by a manager.